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£5 Off When You Spend £25 or More!



  • mandymccrory1978

    I signed up the offer of £5 off a £25 spend this morning. I had an email to say I was signed up for offers etc but haven't recieved any promo codes so how does this offer work exactly?

  • Kylie

    Same happened to me.

  • mandymccrory1978

    I emailed customer service and they sent me a code to use which worked :)

  • Beav

    Both my wife and I signed up and did not receive a code. I contacted customer service and they advised me to place an order and then claim the refund later, this seems like a right faf and maybe you should just sort out your email system?

  • Mark

    same this discount appears to not really exist as have not received either come on shoe zone no more sharp practice please, sort out your advertising to match the offering

  • Lisa goddard

    Customer services refused to send me a code I feel this is scam. Shame on you ShoeZone!

  • Kanwal

    I have same problem

  • Judy

    I never received the £5 off either, just a big con.


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